The VPI+ Professional Development Suites

The VPI+ professional development suites are a series of one-hour learning modules. All of the resources associated with these modules, including video, files, and presentation materials, have been reviewed for accessibility using the WCAG developed by the W3C

Supporting Self-Regulation Through Games

Strong self-regulation skills are an essential ingredient to a young child's healthy development and readiness to learn. This module presents a series of games and fun, playful activities that can be used throughout the day to foster children’s self-regulation skills.

child playing freeze

Encouraging Children's Early Writing

Providing young children with rich writing experiences, where they are able to explore writing freely, can lay a strong foundation for literacy learning. This module presents a framework for individualizing early writing instruction in the preschool classroom, with a focus on supporting writing in center time and free play.

young girl doing early writing

Teaching Math Through Games

Young children are ready to learn about math in fun and engaging ways. Games provide a great way to explore a range of math skills, from numeracy to geometry. In this module, we'll explore how you can promote math learning through different game-based and play experiences.

teacher and children playing math games with cups

Supporting Social Problem Solving (SPS)

Conflicts between peers are typical in many preschool classrooms. At this age, young children are still figuring out how to share fairly, take turns, take someone else's perspective, or see how their actions might affect others. So, it's often hard for children to come up with fair solutions for their conflicts. This module focuses on a series of strategies teachers can use to help young children work through social problems with their peers.

children arguing over shovel

Promoting Friendship Skills

Preschool is a time when children are learning how to make and maintain friendships. Some children need extra help from teachers along the way. This module focuses on a specific strategy called peer pairing, which provides young children with opportunities to learn social skills in a supportive and safe way.

two children smiling together