Annual and Research Reports

Impacts of VPI+

This report provides an overview of VPI+ in the first three years of the grant (2015-2018) and highlights lessons learned that can inform other efforts to expand access to effective early childhood experiences for all of Virginia's children.

SRI Research Reports

In the Fall and Spring of each year, SRI provides the state two types of reports, Formative and Summative reports. The Formative reports includes information about program enrollment, access and quality, training and technical assistance provided by state partners, and professional development/coaching activities provided by divisions. The Formative reports also include a set of recommendations for divisions and partners to improve the implementation of the grant. The Summative reports provide child data at the state- and division- levels.

CASTL Reports

The Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (CASTL) submits annual reports to the state every summer. The first report, below, summarizes the initial visits CASTL made to divisions in Summer 2015 to initiate consultation. It includes recommendations for state partners and CASTL to improve support to divisions/programs.

Grant Application

This is the application submitted by the state of Virginia to the US Department of Education that funded the VPI+ grant. It provides background and plans for Virginia's preschool expansion.