Showcase PreK in VA

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Do you want to see quality PreK happening in Virginia?

Showcase PreK in VA is a pilot program developed to facilitate the sharing of high-quality PreK practices by inviting visitors to a PreK setting for an immersive professional development experience! It’s is a unique opportunity for selected VPI+ programs to share promising practices and to foster collaborative learning networks across the Commonwealth.

Showcase is not about “perfection,” it’s about reflection – and creating the opportunity for educators and leaders to engage meaningfully around a promising practice in the same time and space. It’s about acknowledging that often, in getting educators together, “the answer is in the room.”

Visitors to a Showcase day-- including administrators and teachers from school and community settings-- can expect:

We invite you to sign up for a Showcase PreK in VA event and share with your team and partners! To see all the options for Showcase visits and to register, view the Showcase PreK in VA Visit Dates for 2018-2019 schedule (Note: click on a date in the showcase schedule to register.).
For more information, see the Superintendents’ Memo #242-18.