A Look at Quality Pre-K

High-quality early learning experiences have the power to transform a young child's life. We invite you to learn more about high-quality preschool from different perspectives.

Through the Eyes of a Child

This is the story of a child’s experience in a high-quality preschool setting and how it has impacted his learning, his family, and the educators who serve him. Implementation of Virginia’s federal VPI+ grant has provided increased services to over 9,500 children and their families during the first three years of the program.

The Four Key Ingredients

As Virginians we all want the same thing for our youngest generation - a chance to thrive early on so they can succeed in school and later in life. What matters most in early childhood education is high-quality early learning experiences. Explore the four key ingredients that make it happen!

The Impact of Professional Development

Teachers are an essential ingredient in children's success -- in school and in life. When we invest in teachers' professional development (PD), not only do teachers benefit, children also benefit as a result. In this video, Virginia teachers receiving enhanced PD reflect on their professional growth and children’s outcomes, and they share words of encouragement to fellow teachers.