Who's Participating in VPI+

Thirteen school division across the state of Virginia have partnered with the Virginia Department of Education and other partner organizations to carry out the mission of VPI+. Each school division works to explore and assess how VPI+ curriculum, professional development, and assessments are best implemented in their early childhood classrooms.

In addition to providing high-quality preschool experiences and activities using VPI+ supports, the selected divisions will offer focused outreach to families and communities, as well as individualized support for children with unique learning needs, including students with disabilities, English-language learners and children from military families.

The divisions were selected based on the following indicators of need: poverty, number of Title I schools, percentage of children entering kindergarten below the state's literacy readiness benchmark and the number of unserved at-risk four-year-olds. Together, in the third year of the grant (2017-2018), the 13 divisions commit to establishing 81 VPI+ classrooms and improving services for children in 148 VPI improved classes.

Map of Virginia with list of participating counties tagged