The VPI+ Components

VPI+ includes a series of supports that help ensure rich learning opportunities for young children.

Curriculum and Assessment

Through a careful review and selection process, Virginia has selected an early childhood curriculum and formative assessment system to be implemented in its VPI+ classrooms. The Creative Curriculum for Preschool® is a comprehensive set of resources that assists teachers as they plan content-rich programs for children with diverse backgrounds and developmental levels. Accompanying The Creative Curriculum for Preschool is Teaching Strategies GOLD® , an observation-based system for assessing the development and learning of children from birth through 3rd grade. The majority of VPI+ divisions are implementing Creative Curriculum in their classrooms.
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Professional Development

Effective classrooms rely on effective teachers. And the very best teachers make use of ongoing professional development and coaching to support their everyday work with teachers. Teachers in VPI+ school divisions are getting access to individualized professional development on critical topics such as classroom interactions and environments, content area practice, formative assessment, and individualized instruction. Each school division has hired coaches who are working closefly with teachers on ensuring that every child has access to the types of interactions and learning experiences that we know promote learning and development.
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Virginia is learning about the implementation and impact of VPI+ through its comprehensive evaluation. SRI International is working with School Readiness Consulting (SRC) to collect and formative program measures, summative child assessments, cost-effectiveness data, and data from the Virginia Longitudinal Data System (VLDS). These data are designed to provide feedback for continuous improvement of instruction and program implementation, analyze results to pressing questions, and communicate with VDOE and school divisions to maintain a focus on continuous improvement.
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Family Engagement

Each of the participating divisions has a VPI+ Family Engagement Coordinator in place, whose role it is to work with VPI+ teachers to identify family needs and help build protective factors, engage families in the program, and build family skills as decisions makers and advocates.
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Comprehensive Services

Children in VPI+ classrooms receive comprehensive services such as screenings and follow-up for health, development, and behavior, social services, nutrition and support for children with disabilities.
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Leadership - Centers of Excellence

Starting in Year 3, Centers of Excellence (regional learning communities) will be formed to promote sharing of innovations, including promising practices for supporting children with disabilities and children who are Dual Language Learners.
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